EZPull is a flexible and scalable Clay Target control system. EZPull offers integrated solutions to any clay target shooting environment. There are EZPull products for all clay target sports: Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, etc. All system components are wireless. In addition to simple manual release, EZPull offers optional voice release for Trap, Skeet and, Sporting Clays.


EZPull systems are available in two main configurations:


 • Personal – wireless remote directly controls receivers connected to trap machines. This configuration is suitable for individuals and small gun clubs that are only interested in quality wireless release systems and do not need target inventory control.


 • Professional - Remote controllers wirelessly “talk” to EZPull Target Manager. Target Manager checks for available targets on a secure wireless RFID card. If targets are available, Target Manager wirelessly communicates with receivers controlling the Trap machines to throw the target(s). This configuration is suitable for gun clubs interested in the savings and increased profitability associated with a Pay & Play target control system to account for paid and used targets and completely eliminate target wasting and poaching.


EZPull features:


 • Rugged reliable design. No wires to break.

 • Simple to operate and install.

 • Long battery life with automatic power management.

 • Short release delay - targets are released in less than

   1/10th of a second from pressing a key.

 • Long distance, over 200 yards.

 • Optional Voice Release configurations offer consistent

   target release.




EZPull MTX-8 is a multi-trap controller for use in Five-Stand, FITASC, Super-Sporting, Flurry and other clay target sports that require multiple traps. EZPull MTX-8 is designed to control up to 8 traps. The MTX-8 can be used in manual mode multiple trap clay target sports. The MTX-8 also features automatic sequencing from programmable menus including: six 5-Stand menus and three Flurry menus.


MTX-8 features:


 • Simple to operate.

 • Wireless and portable.

 • Operation from 2 AA batteries.

 • Compatible with EZPull Target Manager.

 • Automatic 5-Stand has three types of pairs:

     - True Pair

     - Report Pair – press the fire key twice to advance

     - Delayed Pair with programmable delay for each pair

 • A wireless 8 Trap receiver hub is available for permanent 5-stand

 • The voice release model MTX-8/VR, features report on gun shot

   and lock targets for practice.



EZPull Trap is a wireless, voice activated, clay target release system for Trap. Wireless microphone units are mounted

on stands in each of the five Trap shooting positions. Each system includes a “Puller’s” controller. The wireless units communicate with a base station controlling the trap machine via digital wireless network or with EZPull Target Manager for Target Inventory control.


EZPull Trap System features:


 • Remote microphone units operate from two AA batteries

 • Digital audio signal processing provides good balance between

   sensitivity to voice and noise rejection.

 • Each of the remote units can put the base station in “Pause” or

   “Play” mode. In Pause mode, the Base Station does not release targets.

 • Automatic Power Management – all the remotes wake up automatically

   when round begins.

 • Simple system architecture: no complicated wiring or junction boxes.

 • Small, light and easy to move around.




EZPull Hand Held Wireless Target Controllers are small (4.5” x 3”), simple to use and reliable. EZPull controllers offer short release delay - targets are released within less than 1/10th of a second.  EZPull controllers are available in three versions:


EZPull TX4: is a professional grade, high quality general purpose clay target



 • The TX4 is user programmable for super-sporting, standard sporting clays,

   or Skeet. The TX4 can be used for new style FITASC with up to 4 traps.

 • Ultra low power - can throw over a million targets from a pair of standard

   AA alkaline batteries.

 • Special weather proof release buttons provide excellent tactile feedback

   and are easy to use with gloves.



EZPull TXC2/3:  is a low cost, simple to operate, fully manual controller

designed primarily for Sporting Clays.


The Base model features:


 • Ultra low power: over ½ a million targets from a low cost coin cell battery.

 • Programmable to throw Super-sporting from three traps.



EZPull VR: using digital audio signal processing for voice release, EZPull

VR features automatic operation with gunshot detection:


 • Sporting Clays - Automatic Report Pair: “pull – A - bang – B”.

 • Skeet - Automatic Singles sequence:  “pull – High - bang – pull – Low - bang”.



EZPull Target Manager is intended for gun clubs interested in a Pay & Play target control system to account for paid and used targets.  EZPull Target Manager is mounted in each shooting station/field. A wireless EZPull remote is the Puller’s switch that “talks” with Target Manager. When the Puller presses a target key on the remote, Target Manager checks for available targets on a secure RFID card. If targets are available, Target Manager wirelessly communicates with receivers controlling the

Trap machine(s) to throw the target(s).

EZPull Target Manager features:

 • No more “target poaching”. Tight target inventory control and less

   supervising manpower,  increase gun club profitability.

 • Two payment modes:

     - Pay per target, with card placed in slot.

     - Pay per round one transaction loads 25 targets to the Target

       manager and card can be removed.

 • Displays used targets (count up) and targets balance (count down).

 • Solo delay can be programmed to the target card also enabling “time

   delayed report pair” for solo shooters.

 • Same device can be programmed for use in all Clay Target sports:

Trap, Skeet, sporting, etc.

 • Rugged design and waterproof enclosure for prolonged exposure to

   the elements.

 • Simple system architecture: totally wireless. No complicated wiring

   or junction boxes.

 • Operation from standard 6-12 VDC rechargeable battery.

 • Built-in mounting flanges for conveniently mounting Target Manager

   at any shooting stand.

 • Integrated card holder slot.