Q:  Does R&R stock targets?

A:  Yes.  We stock the entire line of White Flyer Targets in our warehouse in San Antonio and at a gun club in central Louisiana.  We can deliver up to 6 pallets on a truck and trailer or you can arrange to pick up at our locations.


Q:  What brand of machines do you service and do you service in the field?

A:  R&R services many brands including: Atlas, Laporte, Lincoln, MEC, Promatic, Matarelli, PAT, Champion, Beomat, GMV, SuperStar, and Hunter’s Point.  R&R does travel to service and repair all machines in the field and in our shop.  Please call to set up your service needs whether you bring or ship your machine to us or we come to your property.


Q:  Why do I hear that Biodegradable targets kill the grass?

A:  White Flyer biodegradable targets contain some sulfur as an ingredient.  Spread out over a large area it is a good soil conditioner.  Concentrated in a small area like the landing spot from a missed target on a skeet field it can affect the soil pH where it is unsuitable for grass growth.


Q:  What type battery do you recommend for my clay target machine?

A:  R&R recommends a good quality deep cycle marine battery.  R&R is a distributor for the Excide batteries and recommend a “gel type” battery instead of the lead acid battery.  Low voltage is a “killer” on motors and wiring for machines.


Q:  Does R&R accept credit cards?

A:  Yes!  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  Sorry no American Express.


Q:  Does R&R sell ammunition?

A:  R&R does sell shotgun shells for your needs, whether you need one case or a pallet.  We carry Clever brand shells that allows us to supply a nice shell for a competitive price for any skill level of clay shooter or bird hunter.  R&R can deliver them to you on your next service call with your target order for a one stop shop!


Q:  Does R&R rent machines for special events or tournaments?

A:  Yes!  We can supply machines and targets for small events.  Birthday parties, family reunions, corporate entertainment, charity events, 4H shoots can easily be set up to make your event special!  We also help organize larger events like state championships.


Q:  Does R&R help design or consult for construction of clay target venues such as skeet and trap layouts, 5 stands, and sporting clays course?

A:  Yes we can meet you at your property and help advise on the layout and construction of many different clay target venues.  Skeet, Trap , Sporting clays, quail walks, training facilities, towers and just pure clay target entertainment are all in our expertise.


Q:  How far do you travel for service or installation?

A:  We at R&R strive to make sure the customer is taken care of even after the sale.  If you trust us enough for your business then we will travel anywhere to earn your business.  If we feel you might be better served by a company closer to your location then we will work with our friends of the industry to make sure you are satisfied in your needs.


Q:  Do you recommend wireless control or pull cords for target machines?

A:  We recommend wireless control due to the reliability of wireless control systems.  We can supply a system for a homeowner and their single machine to a full range of target management equipment.  Long Range and EZPull are very reputable and reliable brands that we can help you with.  We can supply a pull cord if you prefer in any length for any machine.


Q:  Is there a way to practice with my machines while I am by myself?

A:  Yes!  We can supply almost any of the wireless control in a voice control option.  This allows you to operate any number of machines with a simple microphone.  You can now perfect your skills on your own!

If you have a question regarding R&R Traps, our products or our services, and you do not see the answer here, please call us today at 210-688-3165




At R&R Traps, we take pride in helping our customers to better understand their equipment and how we approach the service that we offer. Below you will find some commonly asked questions from our customers, and the answers to those questions. You can always give us a call to discuss your needs in greater depth. We look forward to speaking with you.